Priscilla and Sunflower
Priscilla and Sunflower

I’ve had the itch to sew for a good month. I’ve finally gathered the dolls I’d like to complete and started adding their final touches.

This young lady is a handmade African American rag doll with a hand painted face and handmade clothes. She’s a lovely girl, a shelf sitter girl to be added to your collection. Although she is sturdy, she is not meant to be a toy. The Indian doll is not for sale, the pendant she’s wearing is in the Etsy shop. .

Soon Priscilla will have her shoes and will sit in my Etsy shop along with this dried artichoke presented as an ornamental sunflower. Expect her to have a light scent of lavender. If you’ll notice, she’s sitting against a wall of lavender.

Priscilla and her sunflower can also be purchased through PayPal directly from this site. Always contact me before sending a payment.

I thought I was done with sewing but it would appear that I am not. I’m also working a little more with Sculpy clay jewelry. I’ve got 2 pendants ready for a new home.

Welcome to the next phase of Sundrip – Art for Life. More jewelry, dolls, paintings, sculptures, art therapy and journal entries concerning this phase of life. Journal entries concerning PTSD, multiple personality disorder (DID) as well as health concerns will be listed under the tag “The People Behind My Eyes”. At times I will discuss my biological mother’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

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