PDoll 1This is the very first item I am offering for the new year which really makes me smile.       SOLD

This young lady is a handmade African American rag doll with a hand painted face and handmade clothes. She’s a lovely girl, a shelf sitter girl to be added to your collection. Although she is sturdy, she is not meant to be a toy. The dolls photographed with her are part of my personal collection and are not for sale. They’re mine all mine. lol

Back to Priscilla. She is approximately 15 inches and has been hand painted and heat sealed three times. Her shoes are hand painted and sealed as well. Miss Priscilla’s dress is made of red, white and brown checked material. It’s not a bright red. I don’t know the names of these fabrics but I can tell you it used to be a skirt purchased for it’s material 🙂 It is the perfect look for a folk doll. Her little scarf is olive green with a tiny little gold dot to match the gold edges. (Please note: there is a gold dot spill on the scarf. It would have been worse had I attempted to correct it. I left it.) Priscilla is wearing tiny little white undies. Her short, simple hair is made of soft, textured yarn that resembles African American hair. As with many of my dolls I’ve given her a soft red glow on her cheeks, blue above her eyes and sweet lips.

With Miss Priscilla comes with a dried artichoke presented as an ornamental sunflower. The flower has been preserved and lightly sealed.

Size: Priscilla is roughly 15 inches. The flower is roughly 6 inches.
Make: This doll is like other Sundrip dolls, she is made of new and old parts. Her face is hand painted by me. She is a one of a kind, sweet, huggable girl looking for her forever home. Again, though she is sturdy, she IS NOT a TOY, especially with her flower. She does not stand on her own.

Expect Priscilla to have a light scent of lavender. If you’ll notice, she’s sitting against a full wall of dried lavender. I do love my lavender.

Washing instructions come with her. More information is presented on Etsy where she may be purchased and mailed to various locations outside the United States. I even ship to foreign countries such as Kentucky and Ohio. Florida is debatable. 🙂 Priscilla can be purchased on Etsy or via PayPal.

She is ready to ship.

Thank you for your interest in the very first piece of art work presented by SUNDRIP – Art for Life in 2016


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