I’ve been working on a schedule for fitting my life together neatly. I need to wake early to get everything done in a day’s time.

I start all my Bible study, Christian reading and volunteer work around 7am to 9am daily. That 2 hours in the morning is strictly for Bible activities.

At 9am to 3pm the CNA is here. This time includes the basics of 2 meals, doctor appointments, grocery shopping, managing pets and so on. At 3pm I’m dead to the world and must sleep. I wake at 5pm, eat a little and have the rest of the evening to do as I please. I’m no longer one who stays awake all night which means the evening ends around 10:00pm, with my body telling me it should be sooner. Lol

One of the “do as I please” moments included finishing the first real painting in a year! The other painting on the table (with the blue face) is an art piece that waited 9 years for completion.

Once I got my new art table, painting became physically easier and is something I look forward to. I’ve also gotten back to more advertising and running the Etsy site.

I can’t say the table was my only reason for not painting. I know there were emotional factors that inhibited flow, but having the new table helps me tremendously. I just love it and wish I’d purchased it sooner. While I say that I realize I may not have been ready and that the table was replaced when my heart was again ready for creative freedom. That’s what it feels like to truly paint again, freedom.

I’m loving this and it couldn’t have come at a better time. February is hard for me with all its anniversaries. I’ve been fighting and kicking in my sleep, screaming out and having terrible dreams. It’s not been fun, but it has been safe for me because I have my art as a coping skill again. I’ve even painted when the physical pain got exceedingly high. The return of art has been healing on many fronts. Soon I will post the painting of the little girl l finished from 2011 and the one I started and finished two days ago.

❤️ Faith

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