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Hope Bear Goes Home

The Hope Tea Cat found a new home in Southern Indiana. The person that adopted the kitty cat said her apartment complex doesn’t allow cats, so she adopted a stuffed cat with a pink heart nose and a little green checkered dress. Safe travels little bear. Kitty cat plush ornament, shelf sitter Art by: Faith […]

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Getting to here and now

I’m still awake, no sleep. It was another very, very long night of pain. I keep looking at that sentence trying to understand how I got through that. I would compare it to giving birth without any assistance, on your bed. My mind goes everywhere. I mean it runs all over the place trying to […]

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A day of solitude with the things I love

I didn’t think about much at all. I just did the things I love. It was a much needed day of solitude, a mini mental vacation. She is a shining star, this furry one. She melts my heart when she does the slow blink. Mary Jane is an integral part of the process of slowing […]

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Anxiety. Dreams of Dying.

I’m still awake, a bit nervous and going back and forth between wanting to isolate and feeling nervous. I’ve got YouTube playing as well as music on the ipod and a game on the tablet. It’s as if there’s so much anxiety I don’t know what to do with it. I’m running emotionally. I set […]

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Physical Changes after Surgery

I wondered if there would be a difference in how Mary Jane looked after she had her fangs removed and a few other teeth. She does have a look on her face like she’s raising one side of her lip at you. There’s no way I could ever look at Mary Jane and see anything […]

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Funds Obtained

I’m going to do a copy paste from my Facebook page. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who contributed or purchased art. It’s appreciated. I tell ya, it came on time bc my girl is in pain and I can’t stand it. Man, it’s hard to watch her suffer. BTW – when there […]

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Hummingbird Abstract. Rich. Watercolor.

I‘m still working with different types of abstract. I did this while watching a video. I like the loose colors. I’ve also been working with my palette knives but I thought it best to work in gesso for texture then add color over it later if desired. I’ve got a full gallon on gesso which I […]


My Pink Cat. Tea. Water Phobia Day 1

Jane gets a bath today. Thank goodness for the Maine Coon in her or I’d need medical attention after. She still has all her claws and a fang. She does just fine with water. No fighting, no death threats or plans to assassinate me later…It’s quick and simple. I dry her with an extra fluffy […]

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On Attitude and Using One’s Voice

I was somewhat angry and agitated about meeting with Dr Yes when it wasn’t planned until the last minute. I feared abandonment with shaming. I also thought, I can go in there and talk to them calmly and see what can be done. I got there. I put on my skirt and blouse, arranged my […]

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Sleep. Accomplishments.

I can’t remember the last time I slept so long, still I crumple my hand over my face with high anxiety. I keep cupping my mouth and nose with my hands teepee-style. My eyes dart around the room as if I’m looking for somewhere to go, yet I feel better than I have in days. […]