Cats Originals

Hope Bear Goes Home

The Hope Tea Cat found a new home in Southern Indiana. The person that adopted the kitty cat said her apartment complex doesn’t allow cats, so she adopted a stuffed cat with a pink heart nose and a little green checkered dress. Safe travels little bear. Kitty cat plush ornament, shelf sitter Art by: Faith […]

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Sleep. Accomplishments.

I can’t remember the last time I slept so long, still I crumple my hand over my face with high anxiety. I keep cupping my mouth and nose with my hands teepee-style. My eyes dart around the room as if I’m looking for somewhere to go, yet I feel better than I have in days. […]

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Hot Chocolate Angels and Mary Jane

This is a nothing entry….something to toss up here so I can stamp time saying I was here. So we’re here, hanging around and its time for a cup of hot chocolate. Snow goes to get the cups and says, “You don’t have any hot chocolate. Faith, it’s empty.” Me – “What, no, there should […]

Art Originals

Annie Tree Frog

I haven’t made a softy in a good long time. I’ve made pillows and bags but this is the first softy in a while. I call her Annie, she’s a tree frog instead of a water frog like the others in my personal collection of hand sewn frogs and ducks. As usual, there was no […]

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Plush kitten with big baby blue eyes

At 7 inches small this little kitten with big baby blue eyes sits perfectly on top of books and dried flowers. She wears an oversized, removable pink ribbon and has tiny little gray whiskers. This little one is completely hand made, hand painted and is made of almost 100% recycled materials including her stuffing and […]