Sitting Asian Clay Figurine


The sitting Asian figurine was hand sculpted with no mold, using polymer clay. Her arms are adjustable so that you can have her hold a flower, cross them or put them to her side. Her hair comes down from its bun at 3 inches long. Instead of a solid white Geisha face the figurine has darker skin with broader Asian features letting her natural features bloom.

This beautiful royal woman was also hand painted and given a handmade dress. Her hair is a soft brown and gray yarn, her clothing is red, black and gold rayon with large lotus flowers on it. Although she has been sealed and is water resistant I’d suggest she be placed in an inside garden or sun room.

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One thought on “Sitting Asian Clay Figurine

  1. I can’t wait to get a hanbok made so I can send it to you and you can make me my Korean doll. It’ll add another culture to my collection of your work. I’m looking forward to getting the doll you’re sending.

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