Art title: A Joyful Child is a Rose
This is a reconstructed Lee Bortin original. The figurine was discovered in disarray but there was no way I could leave her that way so I pulled out some clay, glue, paints and pens and went to work. I added yarn for hair and painted her clothing in pearl pink, purple and soft blues. She’s wearing pearl earnings, small pink roses in her hair and has small little pearl dots at the bottom of her dress along the soft blue trim. The figurine stands 9 inches tall. Joy’s skin tone is medium brown. Her long black yarn hair is braided and put in ponytails which are held by removable white ribbons. Adorable!

One photos shows Joy with her hair up and small terrariums behind her, while other photos show her hair up, down and with one braid in front and one in the back. The little one could stand in the window, on the fireplace, on your desk or in a green house but outside in the rain is not suggested. Joy has been sealed with acrylic which makes her water resistant but I do not suggest that she stand outside in the elements.

No need to feel nervous, comment if you'd like.