It’s been so quiet at home. A few times I sat in the quiet feeling deep peace and satisfaction but other times I wanted to curl up in a ball having been overtaken by emotional pain. It seems life is at fifty – fifty right now.

I’m still with the old CNA company because I’m waiting on the new one to come out Tuesday and answer a few questions. I hope it works out with the new people but I’ll miss the CNA I’ve got now. She’s wonderful, simply wonderful. I’ve been asked why I can’t change my mind about changing companies if the newest CNA is so good. She’s not staying with this job. She plans to move on, too.

Joey also likes her. 😊

The CNA is not grossed out by the frogs either like a few others were.

So, right now I’m waiting for the company and taking other issues as they come.

I’ve been able to sew more. I’m nearly finished with a bag holder doll. I’ll start a new one soon. Oh man. I went to Goodwill to purchase sofa pillows for stuffing with recycled dolls. I saw 2 extra large pillows and a 3rd large sized one. Well, I snagged all 3 thinking SCORE! I’m gonna sit here all winter with no need for more doll stuffing!….. Dang it. As I started a new doll I pulled out an extra large pillow only to discover it’s full of down feathers, not regular stuffing! Both extra large pillows are down feathers which I can’t use at all. I was able to rehome the pillows so as not to store about 9 lbs of feathers. I sure thought I’d scored at Goodwill. Fortunately I’ve got the third pillow which is in fact stuffing.

Here is the viewing of a bag holder doll I’m working on. She’ll be ready in a matter of days. I’ll post her here on Sundrip and then offer her in my Etsy shop at


2 thoughts on “Kitty. Frog. Doll.

  1. I LOVE her!! I’m so glad that you’re back on Etsy! The golliwogs, the mammy dolls, and prim art dolls are all a part of our heritage. But, your dolls are sweet and don’t fit the golliwog or mammy categories. The humanity of your dolls comes across most of all in the eyes. Those eyes have souls. The dolls from the past have nothing to do with soul – just imagery.

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