All ‘what if’ roads lead to nowhere.

I got to thinking, what if I get this art table but I still don’t paint? Then of course my head took off, so I decided to sit in my wheelchair at the dinner table and paint a ‘what if’ road map.

What If. All what if roads lead to nowhere.

What if I struggle with the idea of changing my apartment to something new? Do I want to deal with this change?

After flipping out a bit I realized that I am more than ready for this change.

Black Swan. Change.

I’m going to set aside $50 for the table now so that next month I can add the other $50 and make this much needed adjustment. The art table I have now is simply too tall.

Until I get the new art table I’ll use the dinner table very, very carefully. I use my dinner table for letter writing too and the last thing I want is for it to look like an art table with paint all over it. It’s already old and beat up but paint spill free. I’m ok with spills and such on the art table though.

Dr D asked if I think my art will change subject matters once I truly paint again. Well, we’ll see soon, won’t we?


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