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Clay Gone Wrong

I was at my favorite store, Hobby Lobby, where they had a super sail on Polymer Clay. Instead of nearly $3 per tiny package I was able to purchase it at $1.25 each. I was thrilled and grabbed a few cream colored packages. The color didn’t really matter much because I was just going to […]

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Fun with Clay Beads

Polymer clay beads…because clay is fun.  ALL HAVE BEEN SOLD I’m brand spanking new at clay works, especially polymer clay, boy is it different than natural clay. Seeing as how I don’t have a kiln then polymer is my next best option. About 4 months ago my physical therapist suggested I build hand strength by […]

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Humble in Polymer Clay

I started out with several squares of clay and just sort of kept messing around until I got to a spot where I thought I might be on to something. When I realized I was on to something I punched it all down and started over. I formed the face with more features, added a […]