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 Oil on canvas, 14 inches by 11 inches, signed, dated SOLD. A spiritual uprising has begun. Thank you for visiting SUNDRIP – Art for Life

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Sisters in the Sun

Wow, talk about letting your imagination fly and colors flow. Sisters in the Sun is a combination of geometic shapes, African animals then throws them together with cubism, surrealism and figurative styles. Some may see it as all over the styles while others will understand it to ’embrace’ the styles and celebrate them all. Painting stats: 12×12 textured […]

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Five Sisters

SOLD COPYRIGHT SUNDRIP JOURNALS ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Five Sisters shows young African dressed woman standing in a burst of white light a top a flowing turquoise and deep blue hill. This is a high texture painting with some features embossed. Some areas of the painting were treated so that the paint would crackle. Movement, energy, […]