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Visions and Voices. Fearlessness and Courage.

If I were there with you today I’d be the girl in the family section vomiting. Hypocrisy turns my stomach, especially when I’m asked to swallow it with a shot of lies. Visions In these last few days I’ve checked up on you to see how you are doing. Not once has anyone asked how […]

Abuse PTSD Siblings abused The People Behind My Eyes

Three Faces Plus One More

When everything went to ‘hell’ in a hand basket I didn’t panic, I didn’t start screaming and crying. Three people have died unexpectedly in the last week but during the chaos, the conversations back and forth, arrangements, I spoke with my normal voice. My family knows not to expect me at the memorial. They don’t have […]

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Threes and Superstitions

The more people I know, the more I lose. Despite outside influences, I’m not a superstitious person. I’ve heard a lot of sayings like, “I talked you up.” When I heard that my brother died it occurred to me that I’d spoken of him just a few days prior. That phrase came to mind but […]

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Art Updates – Fly. Bronze Abstract. Picasso Head

I  updated my Etsy shop and Available Art gallery to reflect my newest original art pieces. Picasso Head is just a fun piece of art with bold colors. Of course there are a few hidden figures in there, as well as a developing butterfly wing, a blue and black feather and an arrow. Sometimes are is […]

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Cats and Guns

Sneaky devils. Evil spirits, unclean. They crawl all over everything like maggots on a pile. Don’t trust it or turn your back to it. Cats bite. Yuck, they give me the shivers. I can’t do cats. Dogs jump on you. They bite. I never had a pet as a child. I am afraid of them […]

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a hair’s breadth away

You are older, but your strong personality hasn’t changed. Always loud, heavy handed, big gigantic grin while singing praises. I looked at you with disgust. Even while drunk on the religion of the week, you still found time to harm in ways that can not heal without years of help. You are disgusting. The 31st […]

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Art Therapy Journal – Orange Mask

The first thing I notice about her face is that she has a slight smile and a rather hopeful appearance. The tree branch hair goes up and down. What I find interesting even more than a hopeful look is that I used the color yellow on her face. That’s the last color I’d use on […]

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I could fly

My sister kept my secret. She was the only person who knew I could fly. I could fly around the tree in the front yard that bloomed for a few days then dropped its petals like a dream. It was the tree with choice switches, the tree I could see from my bedroom window as I […]

Abuse PTSD Siblings abused The People Behind My Eyes

Language and family communication 1

English is my first language but other languages were heard in our household, specifically Spanish and the use of American Sign Language. We spoke Spanish in public which felt very strange. My grandparents loved Spain and Mexico, with their different traditions and culture. I never asked why they loved Spain. I never asked about murals or […]


Sundrip Moves Forward with New Galleries

Since the integration of The People Behind My Eyes with my artwork, I’ve continued trying to make improvements. I’ve attempted to simplify where possible, clean up links and rearrange galleries. Several galleries have been renamed and reworked, one gallery was deleted and 4 added. I’ve updated the primary About page and included a statement page concerning […]