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Anglophile Like Me

Popcorn is plentiful. Movie theater style butter, plentiful. Fuzzy house slippers, check. Oversize sweatshirt and sweat pants, check. I learned today that there’s a word for me, Anglophile. It’s someone who loves British television. I have to admit it, I was more than happy to hear about Acorn TV for $5 a month. This means […]

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Popcorn Memories – A Grab Bag of Insanity

I was popping corn from an air popper when I started to laugh. Recently I’ve had memories of good times with my mother that come rushing back at the strangest times. I’m popping corn to eat while watching a black and white movie. It’s not Alfred Hitchcock, Sammy Terry or Perry Mason but it is […]

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Fire Belly Toad and Frog Talk

Yesterday was interesting as I attempted to get the smallest frog to eat something. I don’t want to take her back to the store because I’m already attached to her little spotted green self. Her belly is more orange than red and she’s a flighty thing. She spends a lot of time trying to escape. […]

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My blood is not tainted

I was afraid of the masks as a child. I was afraid of the percussions, uncertain of this grass turned golden brown and unnerved by the bright colors surrounding me. I didn’t see beauty. I was afraid because the only experience I had with Congo was tied up with abuse. It’s been 20 some years […]

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Physical Therapy Switch Up

I still got the WWE Smackdown headlock treatment but this time she put a pillow between her body and mine. It worked out well. Since she has a great since of humor. I shared with her the unpleasantness of having a breast in the ear. Some may disagree but it isn’t my idea of a […]

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She taught me

She taught me how to read by age three and how to type when I was 8 years old. By the 4th grade I could balance a checkbook on my own. I routinely wrote checks at the store in her presence and by myself. The clerks were accustomed to our family. She taught me how […]

Abuse PTSD The People Behind My Eyes

DREAM: Witch. Murder. Topsy Turvy. Mother

It’s been a long time since a dream knocked me for a loop, this one did. I usually write down as much as possible right after waking but I tried to distance myself from this. Main content: Witch sacrificed by male witch. Out of control car, mother, sister, telepathy, changing seasons, few options, very few words […]


Please Excuse the Interruptions

I’m in the middle of switching from Dream Nightmare Host Dreamhost to a more stable, reliable, less annoying and taxing environment. DreamNightmare says they’re a good company. They’re smoking that bad stuff.

Abuse PTSD Siblings abused The People Behind My Eyes


It is impossible to expect an unreasonable person to understand reason. It’s impossible to expect a person who doesn’t want a ceasefire to stop shooting. And it is impossible to clear up a lie if a person depends on the lie like air and water. It’s hard not to respond to my sister’s comments. It’s […]

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A Mix of thoughts

I just held her, with my face in her fur and rocked back and forth. I would have cried if I could have. I have two new firebelly toads, adorable. One is really little, the other is plump because she ate just before I got them. They come to the glass to say hi when […]