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I’m not afraid of the crawl

Sometimes things get so messed up in my head. I see stuff out of the side of my eye, something running fast. When I turn my head it’s already gone. I forget my hands are mine, they don’t even seem to belong to me. It’s like I’m sitting there and suddenly there’s a hand but […]

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Encaustic Rise – A Heart of Fire

Earlier in the day I said, “I have no reason to be awake.” Let me correct that please, and introduce what was done with the anger instead of internalizing it. A reason to be irritated was that, after turning my phone to do not disturb, I still got a call from Dr. Yes who wants […]

The People Behind My Eyes


Phone notification has been set to do not disturb because my sanity is wobbly and there’s no sense in some fool calling to knock me off the line. A few names can still get through. Dr Yes isn’t a person who should call today. Dr D said Dr Yes brings up a lot of dissociation […]

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Sleep. Accomplishments.

I can’t remember the last time I slept so long, still I crumple my hand over my face with high anxiety. I keep cupping my mouth and nose with my hands teepee-style. My eyes dart around the room as if I’m looking for somewhere to go, yet I feel better than I have in days. […]

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Long Work Day

This week end will be dedicated to posting new art. I’m finishing up the last few stitches on a few Tea Bears as well as finishing, scanning and posting new art in the galleries here on Sundrip as well as in my Etsy shop. The Hope Cat is finished and listed on Etsy I slept […]


Mary Jane and the “Fang Fund”

Mary Jane needs another extractions. Her other fang needs to come out and other teeth need to be cared for. One photo shows her with a fang already removed, the second photo is of my old cat on an old chair with an old soft toy and an old blanket. As forward as it is, I […]

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Escape My Skin. Art. Suicide

*** Disclaimer below . 7×10 art journal. Escape my skin, oil stick and ink I often feel defeated. I run from head, I run from my skin, always in fight or flight. Dove – pencil on paper, sketch 7×10 I will smile. I may crack a joke but behind these eyes is a woman who is […]

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Escape My Skin. Art. Suicide. Rage

Not everything has gone as planned. Things changed very quickly with accusations flying when I requested 30 pain pills to last 90 days. Let me start from the beginning. I saw Dr. Yes Wednesday evening. He wanted me to see a pain specialist. I said okay. I called the people Friday morning to talk about an […]

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Steroids. Mental Health. Suicide

My body shakes, my head spins. I’m nervous. I rock. My eyes blink and fade out. My hands wrestle with one another and I think to myself… I have to find  way back. My head is not right. I’m physically exhausted from the pain. It’s physically exhausting but it takes a toll on me emotionally. […]

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Home – Good Care Team

I’m home. I know many have had very bad experiences when they have to go to the hospital. I’m pleased to have the care team I have because I go to a hospital system (several locations around the state) that knows me. They can access my records very quickly and see what I need. They […]