Cats The People Behind My Eyes

Mary Jane Austin

March 1, 2001 – September 30, 2017 Mary Jane passed quietly this morning.  She was such a good girl. I could not have asked for a better feline companion Janie and I spent twelve years together. She was tolerant of most things and up for anything. What a great personality. The first year together was […]

The People Behind My Eyes

Still awake

I’m still awake. I can’t remember all I’ve done but I know I didn’t go to sleep after I got home. I made pizza and hung out with Mary Jane. I didn’t do anything with the new frog. He is here but I didn’t do anything but put him in his new home and then […]

(CRSD) Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Chronic Pain Lupus The People Behind My Eyes

Mary Jane in Renal Failure 2

It takes a bit to accept things and it takes a bit to be able to do what’s best for Jane. When she was seen a month ago ?? concerning her condition, I knew she was in trouble but she seemed to get better. She gained a few ounces and things appeared to be looking […]

The People Behind My Eyes

Mary Jane – In Renal Failure

I am sad to say that there’s been a turn of events with my Mary Jane. Her kidney’s aren’t doing well, she’s not doing well. It could be just a few days. We simply could not keep that infection under control. Her fever will not subside and stay gone. We have done everything we possibly […]

Abuse Anxiety The People Behind My Eyes

Everything to live for

I told the temporary GP that hitting a ten threatens the truth that I have everything to live for. I bounce around pain levels with my emotions trying to catch up. I am excited about tomorrow because I’m getting a new frog and I’m excited about going to services this evening yet my anxiety is […]

Life is like a box of The People Behind My Eyes

Flower power, lace draped, art strong, frog croaking wonderland

For the last year I’ve battled with the idea of moving. I did make a decision on it. I’m staying put for now. The only way I want to move is if the apartment with all the pluses comes open for me. I’m not stupid, I wouldn’t pass up that opportunity, however, moving somewhere else […]

Chronic Pain The People Behind My Eyes

Calmer. Doctor Appointment. Frogs.

I noticed there are new journal entries from blogs I read. I’ll be over there soon. I made turmeric and ginger chocolate bars which I thought wouldn’t be that good but as it turns out, they are. Today I purchased Cacao powder so I can make some more. If you like golden milk, you’ll like […]

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Mom Had Crazy Eyes

I never knew what would come out of her mouth. I never knew what mood she would be in. What I did know is what to expect when she got that look in her eye. I knew to expect horror. The art piece was created by making lines and loops. The piece has all kinds […]

Abuse POETRY PTSD The People Behind My Eyes

It’s going to kill you

Reality is going to kill you. She takes her trip to the Netherlands and for what, to add it to the countries she’s visited. I wish she could visit reality. I wish she could see her true self in the mirror and then fade to nothing from the gravity of her errors, her crimes. I […]

Abuse PTSD

Die Already

I shouldn’t wish anyone dead. I shouldn’t check to see if her name is listed among the obituaries, hoping she has finally claimed her spot in the morgue, but my heart is angry right now. I am angry. I woke angrier than when I went to sleep. Death is cruel to those who are left […]