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Therapy Review : Dreams. Hallucinations.

Content – Extreme physical abuse, siblings abused, emotional abuse We talked about the dream I had where my mother beat my sister without mercy. It was brutal. She did so in a separate room from me, my cousin and 2 aunts. It was so bad and went on so long that I risked myself by […]

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Doll sewing day

Bring out the sewing basket. Get out the good scissors and thread. Where are the hair ribbons and the fabric paints? It’s doll making day. Faith UPDATE: Finished and rehomed

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Walk this way

The week has been quite. My regular CNA has been out for a while leaving me with only 2 half days of coverage. It’s been difficult to say the least, but it’s been quite, no major drama. Saturday is one of the days I was covered for 3 hrs w a CNA. After taking care […]

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Tea and Peace

I’ve had a few quiet days at home alone because my regular CNA is out. It’s been peaceful. I hate to use words like peaceful then mention small moments with tea concerning my life, at the same time as the news reports more than 50 people have been murdered by a gunman in New Zealand. […]

The People Behind My Eyes Therapy Review

Therapy Review : Baby Brother

Content: Suicide discussion. Grief I don’t know how to write this entry. I’ve been trying since yesterday to contain myself enough to take notes from therapy concerning all the suicide triggers of late. Perhaps first I should say I understand the desire to die and I understand what pushes a person to try because I’ve […]

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The Good Nurse 2

The nurse visited again to check my lungs which have shown improvement. She wants me to continue the excersizes to strengthen them. Of course there was an incident with the foot. I was soaking them but didn’t realize the water was too hot and burned myself. Oh my gosh! Oh the issues one has when […]

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The Good Nurse

The nurse came by today to check on the foot that I accidentally hacked at while managing it. It looks good, she said. It’s healing nicely. Right now there are no major worries, which is kind of a worry to say. I feel like as soon as I say I’m ok that it’s a cue […]