Coronavirus Hope Art

Self distancing is not as “easy” as I thought it would be. The first few days there was loneliness and anxiety. I’m not sure if it’s anxiety all from the coronavirus or if it’s anxiety because the coronavirus is on the back of the shots and insurance saga without a single second to recharge. Frankly, I’m a bit stressed and feeling needy.

In mmy watercolor art piece I added a drawing of all the things I 💜 that I am holed up with. Tea, fish, art itself, my frogs, snails and of course Joe the cat.

Shots Saga – watercolor / ink

At this time I’m letting in very few people, three of which are my CNAs. Well, we kind of got into a little spat over the art piece Spring Mary because the CNA thinks the skin is too dark, she should smile and her hair isn’t long enough. I asked if she’s buying the piece and since she’s not AND has not constructive criticism to offer then she should silence herself.

The art piece Mary Spring was a tipping point. At least 5 other art pieces have been met with brutal nagging about skin color and such. I had enough!

The last art piece included is an acrylic drawing I did of me walking at night in the grass. I wrote a tad about the argument.

Black Words

All art is done in my 7 x 10 watercolor pad which I totally love. I love how each media looks on this paper which is 140lb paper with a nice tooth. I so 💜 paper. Sorry for such dark photos, though.


4 thoughts on “Self distancing and art journal

  1. Love love love the hope art. Not sure what business it is of the CNA how dark the skin is in YOUR art. Here and caring. I have to believe it does, it will get better, for all of us.

      1. Too many people have a hard time with dark skin and short hair on a Black female doll.It’s this very reason why the majority of my dolls are dark skinned. I refuse to internalize it or perpetuate it.

        1. I happen to really like the style but it does seem to continue to cause criticism. I’m not going to stop making Black Folk Art and I hope you don’t stop loving your dark skinned dolls.

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