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Walk with Me

Paint has dripped down the canvas like rain, sheets and layers of bold rain. Every color of the rainbow can be found mixed in, behind, in front of and between two young girls who are opposites.

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A canvas splashed with a tiny bit of color on the side sat on my desk for a good long time waiting for something, anything to happen. Last night in my rush to paint trees, I picked up the canvas and began to sketch. This afternoon I completed the painting by adding brighter colors than […]

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Joyful Garden – A Saga

I struggled with her. I couldn’t get the composition to sing, so I put the painting up and let it rest. Nearly a month later I took it out again and saw what it needed. I needed fresh eyes and a little boost, which inadvertently came from a fun conversation on Facebook. Note in the […]

Art Children Originals Paintings Visionary

Patience – in the works

A few strokes here, a few strokes there and she’ll be done. I’ve got so many projects going on at one time. I love it though. I like working on a bunch of pieces at one time because it lets me leave a piece and come back with clearer eyes. I wasn’t sure what to […]