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Sunflowers in the Sea

A striking 9 x 6 sketchbook piece shows a little girl with green, yellow and orange washing over her. The blue sea flows right across her heart. Abstract fish swim around her head. In black ink I’ve drawn one large sunflower that disappears off the page, one that stands low beside her and one that […]

Abstract Art Originals Paintings Sketchbook diary

Minimalist Finger Painting

Title: Blue Rush Art by: Faith M. Austin Medium: Acrylic, 6×9 sketchbook art, raw, unsealed

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It’s wroth the effort to bloom

SOLD This is not my usual type of art but, one must reach out from time to time right?  Here is how this painting grew. I took a paper bag from a grocery story that had a tree already on it. I painted the tree with circle branches and tiny little leaves on just a […]

Art Children Originals Paintings Visionary

Patience – in the works

A few strokes here, a few strokes there and she’ll be done. I’ve got so many projects going on at one time. I love it though. I like working on a bunch of pieces at one time because it lets me leave a piece and come back with clearer eyes. I wasn’t sure what to […]