Seeing the Lines
I’d like to learn to paint birds and I’d like to learn to paint more abstract pieces such as expressionism, contemporary and modern abstract. I really, really want to do abstract. I recently purchased an art pad that I intend to dedicate to this abstract journey of mine. When I paint an object such as birds, flowers, what have you, I need a photo reference in front of me so that I can see the lines. A long time ago I didn’t paint sunflowers because I couldn’t ‘see’ it in my head. I couldn’t see the lines of the petals.

I found a website that showed step by step how to paint a sunflower. It was some sort of site where the artist painted with the mouse and then the program showed viewers step by step how the artist painted the piece. That is how I learned to ‘see’ the lines of what I wanted to paint. Wish I could remember that link.

I think I may need to get a cheap book of various birds and flowers. Once I can ‘see’ it I can alter it according to the theme of an individual painting, but I’ve got to learn the lines first.

Abstract Freedom of Expression
The other learning experience I want is that of abstract painting. I’ve spoken of it for awhile now, but I have yet to really focus on it. I have a ten page pad that is dedicated to different forms of abstract painting. I’ll do what feels right. I hear and I know that when it comes to abstract one must let go, they have to be free. Although some of my work is abstract in nature the type of abstract I want to try and have tried before doesn’t give the same emotional results. Let me explain.

I know what feeling I’m looking for during the creation of the piece. I feel excited, motivated, always looking for a good line to put here or there. I’m almost obsessed with it at times. Some pieces, though painful to express, are a powerful motivating force in my life. After the painting is complete there is a feeling of satisfaction, of a spirit that can now say ‘ahhhh’.

I have not yet found what I’m looking for when it comes to abstract painting, but I will keep searching. In this freedom I will find excitement and ‘ahhhhh’.


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