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Kroger Krazies

Oh yeah, another fun day at the store. I was only going for two things, roast beef and ice cream. Ice cream is a staple in this house. I go in, I’m in the wheelchair rolling my way to the deli for roast beef. I’m in front of the deli and this woman walked up […]

Anxiety Life is like a box of The People Behind My Eyes

FedEx – Where Nothing is Simple

A very human error was made by the manager of FedEx. That error meant he had to cancel out the order and do it again. Now things get complicated. He had to credit my account which would show up in a few days. Still, I needed to cover the amount to ship. Quietly, and to […]

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Therapy Review: Family, Soil, Roots

I have to write what I’ve been doing in therapy or I’ll have no clue and no way to look back and see … me. Family – My aunt’s leukemia worries me. Her sister in Florida isn’t a match for a bone marrow transplant. I’ve wondered if I desire to be reintroduced to her with […]

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Lupus and Living Out Loud

Late yesterday evening brought another vicious war of vomiting and pain. I cleaned myself up, swallowing my pride and got myself ready to speak to my therapist over the phone. A shower with lavender soaps, lavender essential oils and lavender lotion makes times like these less ugly. Betty said, I wish you didn’t have to deal […]

Life is like a box of

Desperately Seeking a Cosmetology Intervention

Buy a house with a yard that has a pond and an indoor/outdoor exploring gym for my cat. There’d be an art studio, an indoor koi pond, a living wall (a wall of plants) and of course, a library…the kind with real books with real paper. Lets not forget the rose bushes and the patch […]

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Pickle, Ponds, and Stars

It’s been a rough few days with the weather, but I’ve been able to get a lot of work done today. I’m pleased to say that the doll will be 100% ready to be shipped as arranged. However, there’s no way on earth I’ll put up photos in the doll gallery before she’s received in the mail. […]

Acrylic on Paper Art Paintings POETRY

The Sky is Still Falling – The Rains

After yesterday’s twisters, hail and strong winds, today the state was shown mercy. Its rained and rained and rained, but we all kept our roof tops. Glass port holes that give us a glimpse of the outside world were not blown out, nor were cars pelted or farm animals fearful. Today Indiana was shown mercy. This […]

Originals Rag Doll

Imminent Danger Seek Shelter – Crikey!

That was a long, long night. I woke at 2 pm when my friend Snow knocked on the door. I didn’t have to go to the basement again last night, but it was a mess over here all last night. I was happy the phone held its charge. The messages (plural) that made me grab my […]


I’m back

The lights have gone out. We have tornado warnings and sirens going off left and right. Mary Jane and I are in good hands. She’s in a carrier with me in the basement of the building. It’s gonna rain hard over here but I doubt we’ll have anything touch down, however, since yesterday the sirens […]

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to be more than my emotions

Ever walked around with a chip on your shoulder but didn’t realize it was there until someone knocked it off. Well, that happened recently….yesterday. I left an art group on FB because it didn’t seem as though my art style fit the theme of the group. Well, after I left a comment came in during […]