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No, not life as usual

“The doctor told me that 33% of people with CRPD commit suicide. He said we get tired of waking to pain with nothing other than pain to greet us. I told him I have a purpose and that the purpose comes before the disorder. Even still, for him to tell me there is nothing that […]

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The Disconnect

.   . .   .  . Sometimes Dr. D looks at my work and says, “This is disturbing”. So I say, “Thank you.” I’m more intrigued than disturbed. I notice all the commotion in each piece. Even though people are crammed together they’re not connected, they’re having their own experience….and so it goes with Dissociative Identity […]

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Wash Away

 . Ink on paper. She was drawn in ink then streams of water were added. I scanned her before I changed her. There’s more color around her now. Jordan

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95. Breaks On.

For the first time ever I have 95 paintings in my shop. I was shooting for 100 but I’m close enough. I think I will concentrate more fully on promoting them here and there and just playing with whatever I find to get into. I talked to the therapist today and then the psychiatrist. We […]

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The Smallest was the Bravest

This ethic art shows a mix of puzzle pieces and sisters grouped together. They all have strengths, but the smallest is the bravest.

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Well, I’m trying to

Keep my head on track Not worry Not be angry I keep covering my face and rocking. I keep looking at the frogs in their tank. I’m happy I added another, they’re much more active with a third in there. He still doesn’t have a name. I painted some and worked with a new finish. […]

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Silver Swan

“Silver Swan” was embossed and then painted on the book page “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter.”

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Doll House and Tree Art

A soft white rabbit with a rose colored dress sits beside my very first doll house. Art Title: “My First Doll House” Art By: Faith Magdalene Austin Media: HP ink, acrylic and ink on acrylic paper with small grain Paper size: 11.5 x 8 Painting size: 5 x 6.25 inches Finish: signed, unmounted, unsealed Style: […]

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Do I know you? and Dreaming of Art.

Snow is out of town Friday and won’t be able to study the Bible with me so a new person will come here. I’ve seen her at the Kingdom Hall several times, including this evening, but I am one who isn’t able to recognize a person outside of the setting where we first met. I’m […]

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Hungry for a sale?

Sometimes naked art is hard to picture framed on your wall, so I’ve provided a few examples in the Featured At Gallery. That gallery has been updated to show a few of the pieces included in the Sundrip art sale. Through out the week I will continue to display available art in posts. 35% off SALE […]