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While They’re Away. Sketches and Bible Reading Progress.

Progress in reading. Friends are away. I have no idea how it got to be 7:30 am without a wink of sleep, but it’s here and I’m wide awake. I can recount all I’ve done. I’ve been rather productive, it’s just that it doesn’t seem as though it should be so late. My closest friends […]

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Half Time Consensus: Art Goals for 2017

We’re half way through the year so I thought I’d take a look at my goals and see the progress. I’ve listed the goals on my sidebar to have them on the front burner. CREATION WITHOUT JUSTIFICATION 2017 Art Goals 1. Create a brand and get business cards 2. Explore more abstract art forms 3. […]

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Half Time Consensus: Therapy and Life Upgrades for 2017

2017 Therapy and Life Upgrades THERAPY 1. Speak to myself kindly 2. Begin the first steps in treating water phobia. LIFE UPGRADES – continued from last year 1. Listen to hear instead of listen to respond. Monitor dogmatic expressions. 2. Continue volunteer work. I get a D on dogmatic expressions and laying down the letter […]

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Sketchbook #3 – Mindscapes in Pencil and Watercolor

These are recent entries in my personal sketchbook. They’re mindscapes – an artists version of a CAT scan. I’ve done my best to toss out the notion that I must create something beautiful. I have to stop feeling as if I must please viewers with a masterpiece or outdo myself. I have to stop thinking […]

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The broken yet determined chronically ill patient

I am emotional in most GP visits because the doctor has to touch me and it hurts. Also, sitting in the doctor’s office feels like my denial blinds have been lifted. At least outside the office I have a measure of time where I’m not thinking of my body and what has been lost, but […]

(CRSD) Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Lupus Multiple Personality Disorder PTSD The People Behind My Eyes

Recognize medical crisis in patients with an autoimmune disease.

My head feels a little more stable than it was a few days ago. I got a letter from my GP saying he will no longer work with me. This is the GP that made it very difficult to show up to appointments because he acted like he didn’t want to be in the same room […]

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Alive and Itching

Sleep, sleep and more sleep with itching in between. I have a pretty extensive reaction to the urushiol contact. Both hands, neck to the hair line and on top of one shoulder have all have a poison oak rash. I’m staying on top of it. I feel there’s improvement. Of course this is a problem […]

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Tiny Snail an Dental Saga

I arrived at the dentist office and had two teeth ripped out of my face. Right now I have a headache behind my right eye and in my jaw, the same headache that brings me to tears and that isn’t touched by 10-325 Vicodin. I’ve put cold packs on and have laid in the dark. […]

Life is like a box of The People Behind My Eyes

Poison Oak and the Dental Saga

The highlight of my week has been to getting poison oak. I’m not upset about it, not really. I’ve got it on my neck and under my chin as well as on my right hand. I’ve been doing alcohol rinses and so it should calm down pretty soon. I was outside looking for a garden […]