The manager sent me a sugar sweet letter and a new lease to sign. I’ll be in this apartment at least another year. Having that much stability, I’ve moved forward with the dollhouse plans.

Wallpaper Bedroom 1Although the dollhouse looks the same on the outside, much planning is in the works. I’ve chosen carpet and wallpaper for each room and I’ve pulled out the box of parts to finish the roof. The roof is still going to be living succulents which I’ve been babying over in the plant area for a while now.

I’m combining three Greenleaf Dollhouses. These houses aren’t terribly expensive. You can buy them anywhere from $22 to $999. There are a lot of options. Greenleaf offers additions for the house in the form of cheap looking furniture to a new wing on the house. They’ve got a lot to offer I think.

wallpaper bedroom 2I couldn’t find my chocolate box that holds all the dimensions and plans so I had to search around for it. The chocolate box had to be upgraded because it wouldn’t hold everything.

I mentioned adding a tree limb to the scape that will be a full tree made with moss found at dollar tree but then I wondered why on earth I’d made a fake moss tree instead of getting a tree at Goodwill if I want to add one. Making a moss tree isn’t hard at all if it’s on a small scale. The way to do it is to use a technique from aquascaping when creating bonsai trees or other under water landscapes. What you do is get a sponge, some super glue and moss then add the moss to the sponge with the superglue. The sponge can be cut in different shapes before adding the moss so that you can fill the tree as desired.

What’s interesting about doing this house is how my issues come to play in decorating. The room that’s mine is light and roomy but the bed is all the way against the wall. Even in a dollhouse I would never want my bed in the middle of the floor. The bedroom will be harder to finish than any other room.

Tree limbI need to make some bookshelves for the library which leads to the third floor. The third floor is where I have the open air art studio and bistro table. Getting back to the library, there will be a hutch used as a tea spot because I always have a cup of tea while reading or studying. The room will be full of ambiance which seems to be what I go for when reading or relaxing.

I haven’t made any plans at all for the kitchen, dining room or living room. The ceiling finish for the second floor is undecided but I the porch idea and sun room plans are complete and written out. I’ve come up with an address but I don’t have an address stone. I’ll know its the right stone when I see it. The address is 6521 Isaiah Street. It sits on a mountain top in Japan where the most exquisite moss and tiny ecosystems thrive.

The yard has proven to be rather complicated with my health so I doubt I will have a 100% live moss yard year around, however, I will have live bushes made from succulents. The bushes have been placed in a terrarium and are doing quite well.


March 31, 2017 1:31 EST

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