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A Vow of Simplicity

About a year ago I took a vow of simplicity. I started before the health scare took place and am picking up where I left off. What is it? What’s the point? A vow of simplicity is one where you vow to live (for a time) a more simple existence which includes freeing up time […]

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Gratitude and Gratitude Misses

September 1st I started a gratitude art journal. I wrote down a few things I’m grateful for then decorate the page. After reading through daily entries I see the thing that pleases me most is getting basic needs met like those today. My CNA showed up! I got a shower and a hot meal and […]

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One of my recent goals was to finish projects I started. I know where I was going with each piece when I stopped working on them so I just picked up where I left off. More completed work is to come. Faith

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Tea. Pie. Gratitude.

I did it. I went to meet with the two people I’ll write letters with for the winter project. It went very well. I had sweet potato pie and Kenyan tea. I didn’t drop a tear, didn’t show anxiety too much. We discussed topics to include in the letters and how to address some of […]

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When the alarm sounds

Keep talking. Write anything. Shortly before my 6:30 alarm goes off I’ve had a minute to myself. I’ve stolen it from internet time, texting, phone conversations and world events. It’s a moment to recharge and get ready for the 6:30 alarm clock and the few tasks that follow. I let the alarm continue until it […]

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Therapy Review: Managing Anxiety. Relief

My dreams weren’t good but they didn’t plague me. I laid in bed for a bit and watched a short lecture then got ready for therapy. We talked about how wonderful it’s been to have my new buddy and how there’s renewed courage to leave the house and go further than usual. I can’t explain […]

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Therapy Review: Trust. Guilt. Anxiety Art. Community

We talked about how there’s no reason on earth I shouldn’t trust that I get to keep Sir Clyde for a very long time. We discussed anxiety and grief concerning Mary Jane and some guilt that I have another pet so early after her passing. It feels like I tried to replace her but as […]

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Bible Art Journal. Creative Goals.

I struggle with the idea of covering up the best words ever written with my art but I love the ideas I see on Pinterest. I think adding art representing a specific scripture is a good way to mediate on that scripture. For instance, when the Bible talks about showing hospitality, I can think of […]

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What I can still do

I’ve been reading about staying positive which can be difficult for me. One of the things I’ve been trying to remember is that even with my health issues, I’ve not lost everything. I made a short list of things I’ve learned to do while in bed and while pacing at home. The reason I learned […]

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Now and for the long haul of disaster recovery

One thing that’s been on my mind is getting the last item for my disaster readiness bag aka “go bag”. I have yet to include beef jerky, but other than that, my “go bag” is complete. In an entry called Emergency Kit and Chronic Illness, I talked about the importance of documents that aren’t stored […]