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Dream: A Father’s Creation

What a strange night. I was talking in my sleep. I remember thinking to myself, Faith, you’re sleeping, be quiet. But at one point I just gave in and kept pointing and yelling at some person in my dream. I don’t usually do trigger warnings because I expect people to only click on a survivor’s […]

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Broken Pieces

    My Face My Art, wearing the illustration Machinery Two My goal is to do a video of My Face My Art. That can be expected by the end of the month. Me

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Balancing Act

  Art Title: Balancing Act  SOLD Art by: Faith Magdalene Austin Medium: 4 x 7 heavy paper, ink, marker, signed, sealed, mounted

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She waited as long as she could

Art details:  Orange rays and white beams meet in the red sky. Down the middle grows an old oak tree where two red birds (cardinals) and a raven swirl between the branches above a solid white figure. From the figure extends points of light. Her hands reach up to the branches and grow into them. Two […]

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Ariel knew it would rain

Caught in the rain, little Ariel walks home without an umbrella. Through thick woods she walks and walks until a tiny sprout pops up right on her head. A few steps more and pop, pop, pop, sprouts appear all the more until finally she becomes part of the scenery. Art Title: Ariel knew it would […]