Willow by F.MagAustin The Willow doll is 18 inches and full of sweet joy. She’s handmade and lovely. Willow is wearing a printed green dress that shows her love for nature. Her apron if filled with wildflowers picked by her own two hands. Curly-q tree branches were dipped in purple, pink and white to create wild flowers. She’s got a bouquet of lavender that fits perfectly in her apron. From the sweet smile on her face and the dimples she shows, you can tell that Willow is happiest when she’s surrounded by nature.

Also on the handmade rag doll are little blue Mary Jane shoes, a small straw hat with two ribbons and soft brown, textured yarn for hair.
If you can’t tell, I truly enjoyed making her and had a blast adding tiny little details.

I started making the Willow doll months ago but didn’t quite have her the way I wanted her so I put her up and let her sit awhile. I took her back out and added touches that allowed me to look at her and thing, “Okay, she’s done.” One day later Willow found a home. She has been adopted.

Fear not, more dolls are to come.
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