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A Beautiful Day

“Beautiful Day” is a small acrylic painting of a little girl carrying a single flower walking through a meadow of wildflowers. When I first started this painting the little girl was at the top of a steep hill holding a small flower. She looked down to the single bud below. There was a decision to […]

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How I Became the Gummy Bear Killer

Facebook will change you. You’ll see things you wish you never saw and things you cant wash out of your sight even with lye. By the time I log off of Facebook I feel as though I need a shower, but this time I was too changed with no way to get back to normal. […]

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The disappearing act

I’m about to go AWOL. There’s so much that needs to be done before I start physical therapy AGAIN. I also have a minor surgery to deal with on the 4th with a follow up appointment on the 7th. There’s a lot to get done. I’m not up for it. lol. I have three lectures […]

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The life I desire

In two years time I’ll have this piece of paper I really, really want. When that’s in my hand I will no longer post writings on the internet. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s just change. Actually, it’ll be totally awesome. Despite health concerns I’m still going for each goal that I’ve set for myself. My health […]

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Therapy Review: You’ve Got a Fast Car

That’s the song I listened to for a good year, “You’ve Got a Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman. That song influenced and emboldened me to leave an abusive family for good. “Leave tonight or live and die this way.” Those words were so, so true. I wasn’t like my sister. I didn’t fall in line very easily. […]

The People Behind My Eyes

sad. all i have to do is get myself to not send a text and i’m sure i’ll never hear from ‘family’ again. all i have to do is erase my aunt’s phone number off my phone and never look it up again. yeah, that’s all. i was supposed to go in to see my […]

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Wild Things

Redbubble is currently offering free standard shipping to United States for all orders over US$40.00. As of 9/24/17 this offer is still available. The inspiration for the painting came from watching a movie where a famous D.H. Lawrence quote was spoken. “I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop […]

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Nesting Place – Crown of Lights

Her beginnings are yet to be formed but from the brilliance of color one can tell she’ll be a beautiful bird. Art Title: Nesting Place – Crown of Lights Art by: Faith Magdalene Austin Medium: Oil, ink, on heavy paper, Size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches Finish: signed, unmounted Style: Abstract Expressionism, Modern I am still […]

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Sister Pickle, Pete’s Sake and Fuzzy Butt

The Austin House critter update. Sister Pickle finally got a pond today, but there were complications. lol. Okay, I want to say that she got to the pond earlier than next spring because it was the right thing to do but that would be a flat out lie. I really wanted to take care of Pickle until […]

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The Dinosaur Opera

I must post and run. I can’t even tell you how sleepy I am. However, I would like to introduce to you a revamped art piece that is now to my satisfaction. I call it The Dinosaur Opera. In this prehistoric opera house you will see birds of prey, silhouette figures and mad color. Don’t […]