growing-in-fmaToday is a quiet kind of day. I’m a tad bit on the depressed side. I think the poem is heavier in truth than anticipated. I just starting typing and stopped when I was done.

Monday will be here quickly and it’ll be time for therapy again.

I’m physically tired with very swollen feet. I’ve had them propped up for awhile. It hurts to walk.

I’ve got a few financial concerns but in the end things seems to work out. Every bill is paid in full. The cat has food, Pete has food and Pickle will have more on Tuesday.

Pickle is in the empty 55 gallon tank which is now a terrarium home for him. He’ll stay until spring. During that time he’ll get good and fat and have a good bit of space to himself. I wish I could say this is for his own good but it’s for mine. I need several things to love and nurture. I need several things to need me. that’s the bottom line, i need things to need my care. I think that’s one of the reasons I loved bottle feeding kittens for the rescue I worked for. I had over a hundred kittens come through my home in a short period of time. Bottle feeding kittens was great, fostering a puppy or two was great. I need to be needed.

Not having a lot of other animals here to focus on (the tank took up a lot of time) means Mary Jane and I do more grooming and snuggling. We used to snuggle mostly when I settled for the last of tea around 8pm.

I want to make some tea tonight but that won’t happen, however, i can get the ingredients together so that tomorrow I can just toss it all together and put it on the fire. I’m too tired to make it tonight.

I’m sad. I keep rocking back and forth. I’ll be okay though, especially since I’ve got a few pieces of shrimp waiting for me in the convection oven.

Still sketching some, working with watercolors and markers, still stitching some. September 1st of 2016-September 1st of 2017 I have dedicated hours for volunteer work. I’m happy about that. The goal is manageable, not too much, not too little. I still have my regular studying to do for the Kingdom Hall and I have the ASL class. I don’t want to have so many demands on me that I can’t manage it all but fortunately what I volunteered for isn’t even close to part time job hours. I do have to work here at home and I have to have therapy and make other doctor appointments. But, those are the parts of life that I have to do, those are the parts that keep me physically alive and keep a roof over my head (my art shop and doctors). The volunteer work is the part that makes it all worth it.