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Soothing Tree Drawings in Watercolor and Ink

Drawing trees is soothing. I usually draw them bare. I love leaves. i like to see them up close and examine the cells. I recently learned that my sweet potato plant was holding water in the cells of the leaf because I watered too much and too late in the day. Leaves are a beautiful […]

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Every Direction- Patient. Psychologist. Relationship.

When it rains it pours, and I’m soaked. Minutes before my phone session with Dr. D I was told by my cab driver that Medicaid won’t pay to transport me anymore. Of course I freaked out. I then decided I wouldn’t think about this until Monday. Well, as I washed dishes (big issues with water […]

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She Speaks The Dream

Let her scream. Let her sing Let her speak her dreams. Let her pant on, glide through waves of churning water and strike back at lighting. Let her eyes be open, her hands open Let her feel the wind. Let her rest on soft clouds. Take her home. Title: Mindscape – “She speaks the dream” Art […]

Anxiety PTSD The People Behind My Eyes Therapy Review

Therapy Review – No Transportation. Eviction

We talked about being resourceful. My insurance no longer pays for me to take a cab to see Dr. D, whom I’ve seen for going on 13 years now. My insurance will pay for 7 miles from my home. He’s 9.5 miles away. My sessions are over the phone now with the occasional ride from […]

The People Behind My Eyes

The other Facebook Account

I’m nervous about using the FB account I’ve got because it was the one I used to contact my sister and other family members. I’m not comfortable with that account at all. I’m not a fan of Facebook because it shows me the real face of people. If there was ever a question about how […]

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Fun with Scribbles and Watercolor

I started by drawing lines with my eyes closed, later I added watercolor. Title: Get the Tom Art by: Faith M. Austin Size: 5.5 x 8.5 Media: watercolor, ink Finish: unsealed, not mounted Style: Abstract You may ask yourself why the title is “Get the Tom.” Well, the answer is simple. I was watching a […]

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The Last Reign

“The Last Reign” is in the Visionary Original Paintings gallery as well as in my Etsy shop. This 5.5 x 8.5 mixed media piece showcases deep colors and moody lines. It is truly a Sundrip piece in that I’ve painted edge to edge with imagery everywhere you look. There are masks or what some may […]

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Jane’s GardenBlooms

Dr. D asked why African Americana is one of my favorite types of art. I like it because its simple. I like faceless black rag dolls and faceless black art. This little 4 x 7 piece is a simple illustration of country home life. It shows a mother and child in the garden with the […]

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Sketches and Pieces in Black and White

Heartbeat is in my sketchbook. She’s 7 x 10 in ink and pencil. I’m going to have her enlarged before further work. Her heartbeat comes from her temples and stretches out to form the surface of the earth. Trees and flowers grow from her heartbeat. . . She Realizes Her Totality This is a half sheet […]

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What I didn’t know about grief

There’s a blog magazine I read called What’s your grief?. It helps me process some of what I feel in a more tangible way. Recently I saw an entry called 64 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Grief and immediately honed in on number thirty, “The last 24 hours of their lives will replay […]