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My frog singing quietly

He’s usually very loud but today as I mist his tank he sang quietly. Here’s Chandler’s voice. Faith

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Walking While Black

Racism and the police lives on. Today I was harassed by the police for the crime of walking while black. It would appear that a black woman walking her dog warrants harassment. Clyde and I were originally only going to go for a short walk but I decided to go down to the park, circle […]

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Sir Clyde Dale Austin

Clydesdale is here to live. Let us hope all goes as well as it is now. Clydesdale Austin is a beautiful, solid, well behaved, shy boy. I’m hoping beyond hope this goes as well as I think it will. Just look at that nose, it all but forms the shape of a heart. Clyde has […]

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Long Nights with Art

I just read the entry written by Ariel Michelle. I don’t remember it at all. I remember the art. I remember why it was drawn but I don’t remember, at all, writing that journal entry. I never did write exactly what Dr. D and I discussed in session because the only thing I wanted to […]

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You have so much love to give, that’s what makes you special.

I have a little one who was born in a small division of Indiana called Rosedale Hills. She was born in a home where art, music, love and laughter fill the rooms. The scent of joy is roses. The feel of care is as smooth as cream as its poured into what will become sweet […]

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One day I’ll be okay

Part of me screams, help me. Part of me rocks back and forth with he eyes half closed. She wants to close them and fall into herself, all folded up like a napkin tucked in a jacket pocket.. She wants to be where its dark and quiet where no one can see her. My head […]

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The Right Companion Animal

Three weeks its been since I first inquired of this dog name Clyde. Several snags came up and I figured I wouldn’t get the dog, thought it had all fallen through. I said if I didn’t get him I’d concentrate instead on a six month vow to serve my community in a fuller way. Here’s […]


Doll in Progress

Update: Adopted I’ll add pink to her lips and very, very light blush. I’ll upgrade her hair ornaments and make her ready for adoption. Her adoption fee is $39.00 via PayPal or other arrangement. She’s around 20 inches. fma

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Therapy Review: Actively seeking a loving mother

Content: Biological mother issues, emotional abuse, emotional walls, letting go Dr. D and I discussed grief over not having what he calls a healthy mother. I said I don’t grieve not having a healthy mother, I grieve not having my mother. I’ve been very clear over the years that what my heart sought most was […]

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The Unexpected Violin

It was to be a little girl in a red dress but it didn’t quite turn out that way. I realized early on that I am attached emotionally to this painting and that I wish to keep it for myself. Knowing I’m color sensitive, I changed the bright colors to those I can hang on […]