A video for friends.

At the end of the video I said these are my ‘frogs’ but only Cheesy the Chubby Frog stars in this short vid.

I am one to choose natural items for my terrarium so each wood piece was picked up from outside, prepped then added to their home. A good soak and long, slow heating will remove pests from the wood. I soak the moss then add it to their home. I’m not overly concerned about possibly, maybe, could happen to get a fragment of something that could, maybe possibly harm my frogs. I am careful just not OCD about it. So far I’ve never lost a frog to anything but old age.

I’m working on getting a larger water source. They have two but I’d like to have one larger pool for them.

I posted this entry under the category grief because of the understanding that aquariums and vivariums are helpful in the process of moving through the grief stages. I don’t have an aquarium in the bedroom. I may move my 2.5 in here but for now all critters are in the dining room. What I’ve noticed is how cathartic it is to watch these little life forms exist happily. I love watching them interact with one another and I look forward to their near perfect timing of the 9 pm frog singing contest. Chandler the Australian Green Tree Frog shows up late but he always wins. He’s got a strong voice.

Yesterday when I turned on the lights to the aquariums I noticed I became a grandma to about 20 little fishes. They are adorable!!! I remember this feeling, the joy of watching a fish give live birth and looking into those big ol’ eyes on skinny fry. It’s wonderful. I’m happy people have come to understand that aquariums are helpful in more ways than learning to balance an ecosystem. It’s calming. It helps me get out of myself. It’s a good focus tool for panic attacks and its exciting when new life appears.

At this time I have one goldfish tank, two guppy tanks and two terrariums. I’ve got a good amount of life around me and I’m enjoying it to the full.


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