Black Raggedy Ann Doll handmade African Americana Rag doll Black folk art is some of my favorite art. It touches something in me deeply that is difficult to explain.

This is a Black Raggedy Ann doll named Madison Ann. I can’t say she’s finished because I keep thinking I want to add one ribbon to her hair. I know someone else who has done a ton of whimsical dolls so I’ll have to ask her expert advice.

Madison Ann is about 18 inches. Like other handmade dolls on Sundrip, she is hand painted and has soft yarn hair. I search yarn shops looking for hair that is unique, something that will compliment the character of dolls made. In this case, the yarn is intended for scarf making but when I saw it I had to use it for a black folk art doll.

Madison’s dress is from upcycled material as are her bloomers and socks and little white scarf. One of the details on her dress is a little bit of yellow and green on the flowers. I thought a yellow ribbon in her hair would be really cute so I’ll travel out on Tuesday to see about that tiny detail. Madison can be reserved as she waits for her hair ribbon, or adopted now.

Shipping to the United States is included in the price. Her adoption fee is $39.00 via PayPal or by other arrangement.

The African Americana gallery has been updated to reflect the newest pieces of Black Folk art and dolls.

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