This is Lentil, my Australian Tree Frog.

Australian Tree Frog. White's Tree Frog. Dumpy Frog. This morning I woke to find three beautiful mushrooms in Lentil’s terrarium. The mushrooms grew out of a patch of orange moss that grows along side driftwood stationed close to the watering hole.

Mushrooms in orange moss.Although these frogs will tolerate being held, it’s not suggested you do so. I hardly ever hold him unless needed. Today was deep cleaning day so I had to take him out which meant photo time.

Holding LentilLentil is a gentle boy who croaks loudly when I run the sweeper, mist down his terrarium or when the tea pot is going. He’s kinda mouthy.

Looking down at LentilI absolutely love this species and intend to get a second. For now it’s just Lentil hanging out in his enclosure. I hope to get him a mate in the spring.


No need to feel nervous, comment if you'd like.