Most of the time people assume the change of color in a Betta is negative, but in this case it’s a marbling gene that causes the fish to change colors. November 8th when I purchased Isaiah, he was primarily white. I posted a photo of him back then showing at much.

Nov 8th
Isaiah the dragon Betta fish

Here is Isaiah November 23rd with his changing genes. I think it’s cool.
Isaiah Betta Fish Changing Colors

While a change in color of your Betta may be an indication of ill health, older age or water difficulties, sometimes it’s simply genetics.
Isaiah Betta Fish Changing Colors 1

It’s also noteworthy that when the fish is in the store it’s a lot more stressed and not fed well and in a tiny bit of water. Once you bring home your Betta and give it proper care, the true colors will begin to shine.


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