Three Oceans Three Pearlspurple blue
I purchased polymer clay for $1.79 and liquid adobe clay for 90 cents. I then formed the clay, baked it for 20 min at 250 degrees, let it dry, painted it, sealed it and added hooks. These quarter size pearls were created specifically to match the three paintings I called Three Oceans which are shown in the above photograph. The paintings and the medallions have an earthy feel which is exactly what I was going for.

The largest medallion is primarily plaster with an adobe clay overlay. I then added an old earring as a center piece and a ribbon to hang it on a stressed wooden white cabinet door. Unfortunately the photograph doesn’t show the vibrancy of the shades of purple as they bleed into blue and silver but in real life you can see those details. The fourth and final piece shown beside the large piece is made primarily of adobe clay. I layered the clay over an old pendant which was laying in my jewelery box begging to be put to good use. I cleaned it, primed the metal and layered the adobe clay until I had a desired thickness. After the desired thickness was achieved I began working on texture and color combinations. The result is a small piece that will be made into a door knob for the same cabinet that holds Three Oceans and Three Pearls. When its all said and done my old cabinet will have been completely redone for about $15.

All items were purchased from the clearance section of Hobby Lobby including three stressed wooden photo frames, adobe clay and polymer clay. I created the paintings awhile ago then used up-cycled  ribbons and a  pendant.  All in all I’d say one unattractive, tall, brown and plain shelf became a prized piece of furniture.

If you’re anything like me you have limited closet space and require the use of unsightly hooks to hold hats, coats and other items. You can easily spice up your wall hooks by using clay fixtures baked right in your own oven or as in my case, my own toaster oven. You can create at a low, low cost with an outcome you will be proud of.

Shop well. Create better.


2 thoughts on “Three Oceans, Three Pearls

  1. Those are quite beautiful! I’m always impressed with your talent.
    Was wondering if someone requested/suggested an idea would that help the block? I/we had synesthesia, a condition that among other things, makes our head inside explode with colors/shapes when we hear music (especially classical). I’ve always wanted to paint what I “see” but the talent doesnt exist. Its a kalaidescope type sight. Sometimes the major colors depends on our thoughts the music cues…hopes are greens, happys are shades of blue, etc.
    What colors are your feelings? Do the feelings have a particular shape/texture? You might have some stuff listed, need to go look! Anyway…..would like to see your feelings in color!
    ps…..since you like to read..I have about 20$ in amazon gift certs that I’m struggling to spend. Would you like the codes? Free and clear, promise!

  2. Art and talent don’t go hand in hand. You don’t have to have talent to enjoy it either.

    If you set a standard BEFORE you put anything on paper or canvas you’ll block yourself. I know this to be true because that’s partly what I’m dealing with right now.

    I’ve heard of synesthesia. Doesn’t it also affect your sense of taste? I’ve read that classical music really “sets” it off. I think with my hypervigilance I’d be totally overwhelmed with explosions of color as well as my current explosion of sight and sound. Despite my inability to live with it I hear some enjoy it. I hear at times it can be absolutely beautiful. I use a lot of color in my artwork but any art in my home is mostly made of blues and earth tones.

    I may not see colors the way one does with synesthesia but I think I may feel in color. For me the brighter the color the more intense the feelings are. When I use blues it has to do with hope, joy and the right to inner peace, self worth and inner stability. Orange and yellow usually only have a significance if it’s an art therapy piece. In that case orange is usually feelings of ambiguity. Yellow is fear, cowardliness, guilt, etc. I mostly use red as an expression of power and strength, green is most always growth. I tend to paint blue faces with green hair because for me it means she has a right to exist and she has a right to grow.

    One of my favorite art pieces by Archan Nair is called Do Feelings Have Taste. I say my feelings have color.

    I sooooo can help you spend that gift card. There are 2 books that I’ve been looking at on Amazon but I refused to give them my credit card number. I wish they’d simplify MY life and start accepting PayPal. I would so love to have the cards. Thank you very much!!! My contact info is on the side bar.

    I’m so lucky I can’t stand it!!!!

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