Ophelia Rose- African American Rag DollOphelia Rose is an 18 inch doll with big, brown eyes and soft pink lips. Her hair is long and black. When sitting by a fan it whisks across her face lightly. She’s hand painted solid black but has gold and turquoise facial details. She’s got long eye lashes and a cute little nose.
All facial features were painted on after the initial painting of the cotton fabric.

Ophelia Rose is adorned in a long, beautiful African print gown with gray elephants and turquoise, gold and silver flowers. She has a matching sheer scarf around her neck that accents the handmade outfit perfectly. Keeping in style with primitive dolls, Ophelia Rose has one layer of vintage ruffles under her dress. She has been signed and dated on her bottom.

As seen in the photos, she is not a toy but a door greeter or for other home decor uses such as a shelf sitter or bed doll. Where ever you choose to display this art doll I believe you will be pleased and proud to do so. She’s hand sewn to last. Her clothing can be removed and hand washed.

Details: Approx 18 inches. Solid black skin doll, black hair, sad eyes, long eye lashes, African print gown / dress, 100% handmade, recycled materials including plush fill, fabrics and yarn. Ophelia is earth friendly :-).

Please see my Etsy shop for purchase price as well as more photos. The Etsy link is located on the sidebar. You may also order this or any doll via email with a valid PayPal account. Just use my contact information and we’ll draw up her adoption paperwork via PayPal.

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