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Let the River Wash Over Me

This is an original painting in acrylic and ink on reclaimed canvas. The painting shows a female face at the edge of the canvas. She’s holding her breath under a sea of color. Her hair is red and yellow flames of fire that never extinguish. Even though black and turquoise water rush over her, she […]

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Tile Art: Grant me the serenity to accept

I sometimes like to blog about what I was thinking and where I was headed with a painting. For the most part I was thinking about the serenity prayer while painting ‘Holding Flowers.” I didn’t go as far as to write on the tile itself, “Grant me the serenity to accept” but those very words […]

Art ART GALLERY Originals Paintings Visionary Women of Strength


We meet the edge just before a breakthrough. Just before higher understanding and level ground is the edge. The painting ‘Breakthrough’ shows a young woman in a red dress standing on the edge of the river. Her head is bowed ever so slightly to hold a bare tree that has grown from her hair. From […]

Art ART GALLERY Originals Paintings

She Listens to His Voice

She Listens to His Voice is No2 in the Renewed Series which has three paintings. The painting is 5 x7 on mulberry paper. The painting shows a young black child with two pony tails standing still in a field of flowers. She appears tired yet there is an air of hope about her. The young […]

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Wendy the African American Plastic Bag Holder Doll

Wendy is a hand painted, handmade plastic bag holder doll wearing a vintage, hand embroidered shawl with a lady bug button. When the shawl is removed you can see a little red heart button on the dress. Her red, gray and white checkered dress is 28 inches long and has gold trim. Wendy has soft […]