We meet the edge just before a breakthrough. Just before higher understanding and level ground is the edge.

The painting ‘Breakthrough’ shows a young woman in a red dress standing on the edge of the river. Her head is bowed ever so slightly to hold a bare tree that has grown from her hair. From the branches and through the fog, fly small birds.   She stands in mist sprays, and flowing colors of purple, turquoise, green and white. In the profile of the young woman waiting for her breakthrough is a woman looking off into the distance.

Title: Breakthrough
Size: 6×4 on creative canvas

Painting Details: Original painting, acrylic and ink. There’s a young woman in red dress with a tree growing tall above her head as hair. Flowing mist is around her feet as she stands on the river’s edge which has been painted in green, gold and black. Purple mist symbolizes Lupus. Textures are created when black, turquoise and gold are layered with crackle medium. Several small birds fly around the fog and river. There is a female form in the sky, the young girl stands in the neckline.

Breakthrough is the third painting I’ve done where I started off with strips of paper pulled from my work table. I cover my table with wall paper to protect it from paint spills. Eventually I either change the paper or see something in the spills I want to explore. That’s how the wall paper paintings and layering got started. Because these are strips of wall paper the dimensions will be irregular.

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