I sometimes like to blog about what I was thinking and where I was headed with a painting. For the most part I was thinking about the serenity prayer while painting ‘Holding Flowers.” I didn’t go as far as to write on the tile itself, “Grant me the serenity to accept” but those very words were on my mind through out the entire creative process.

I wanted to create a surreal, dreamlike moment. I wanted the viewer to feel as if they’re observing a private moment of a woman taking stock of herself, taking a moment to hold on to what she needs and let pass what she doesn’t.

Change feels rigid but its not, its fluid and that’s what I wanted to lines on the painting to be.

That’s what I was thinking and feeling as I created Holding Flowers. She has been painted on a 4 x 2 tile in acrylic and ink.

Art Title: Holding Flowers
Ceramic tile as canvas, 4×2 inches
Acrylic and ink, sealed, signed on the back
Art by Faith Magdalene Austin of Sundrip Journals

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