Wendy is a hand painted, handmade plastic bag holder doll wearing a vintage, hand embroidered shawl with a lady bug button. When the shawl is removed you can see a little red heart button on the dress. Her red, gray and white checkered dress is 28 inches long and has gold trim.
Wendy has soft lips that smile just a little bit. Her eyes are bright and beautiful with a tiny bit of blue above them. Her hair is soft black yarn and held in pony tails with ribbons the same color as her dress. The other photos show a close up of her display loop as well as a pink flower near the bottom of her dress.

Note: You will be able to use 18 inches of the 28 inch dress. Sweet Wendy will sit above leaving 18 inches for recycled bags.

100% handmade * 95% recycled materials

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