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Nesting Place; for rest, sight and purpose.

Abstract beginnings grew into a trio of birds resting in the hair of a young woman. This Asian flair painting shows her rooted in the earth, facing forward at the flowers that stand tall. There aren’t as many flowers as before, she might think, but there are indeed flowers. Her purpose remains and is confirmed by those […]

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Sangria and Me

“Sangria” stands in my Etsy shop full of surrealism and color. The terracotta tone woman with blue hair thinks nothing of the raven that flew in the door. Why should she, after all, she’s got a house inside a house, evergreen trees shaped like arrows and large sunflowers coming from who knows where. The painting […]

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I know what’s different. I’m at the helm.

In a comment to a reader I began listing off more reasons why it feels pointless to trust any doctor or treatment. She said “I’m naked when I try to shed the blanket for more than a few minutes.” I understand that. I feel Naked. I feel Exposed. I feel Defenseless. I throw myself at the […]

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What’s wrong with me? An inner conversation.

What’s wrong with you? I’m angry. Yup, I guessed that. I’m wearing it like a blanket that I refuse to remove. What are you wearing under the blanket? Skill. Love. Motivation. Ok, I wasn’t expecting those things. I thought you were going to say exhaustion, vulnerability, etc. If you ask me, those are the reasons I […]

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Becoming Me – Lullaby Collection

It is common for me to blast color on paper, edge to edge with twisting and twirling images. Sometimes though, I paint art for children. The showcase piece today is called “Becoming Me”. Two other pieces are included in this entry as children’s art.

Anxiety Chronic Pain Lupus PTSD The People Behind My Eyes

Mid July Trip. Kids. Sleep. Meds.

It’s confirmed.  I’ve managed to have enough to get there for three days, then return. Betty said, “You know I’m going to worry.”  Yup, I do, but, I’m going! I haven’t been able to travel since 2012. I refuse to ever ride down with mom again. Never! OMG! That woman has a PhD in nagging. […]

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Rose with eyes like water – handmade bag holder doll

SOLD – see notes at the bottom A second is in the works as are a few smaller dolls. Several paintings have been completed and will be posted here and on Etsy. I’m just wetting your appetite. 🙂 Rose will be posted in my Etsy shop or you may purchase her directly from this site […]


Compassion. Choices. Plants. Mary Jane

Right in the middle of life (only a little slower) is my best girl Mary Jane seen here purring on her mama’s upset stomach. What a sweety. She’s a few months shy of 15 years old. She’s a good girl. Just 14 days more…. that seems so familiar. Heck, even the time of year is […]

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Artist’s Thoughts – This is me 1

I am having the hardest time finishing this entry. The objective is simple, write a bit about who I am from several different angles. Before anything at all I am human. That puts me on equal ground with everyone. The second thing I am is a Christian in training. I want very much to know […]

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Artist’s Thoughts – This is me 2

As some know, this body of mine dictates if I will move or lie still. Due to a permanent nerve injury to my right arm, I can be limited in action, including holding a tea cup, a cane, paintbrush and pen. In addition, my eyes are growing dim. Strength in several areas of my upper […]