African American Art Doll. African Inspired Custom Order.

African American Art DollI remember saying I wasn’t going to do dolls anymore. I just couldn’t get into it the way I was. Something interesting happened though, a woman who purchased a doll from me in 2009 contacted me to ask if I still make dolls. She wanted the doll to look a certain way. At first I was nervous because I thought, how am I going to make a doll when my head is a total mess and my body is running on the fumes of fumes. Still, I said yes. I’m happy I did. I really needed to remember that I can still make a quality doll.

I was concerned about making her without a down payment because a few doll sales fell through. I was a bit cautious but with a down payment in hand I went ahead and made her doll.

Just like before, no pattern was used. I used my machine to sew the main parts of the lower body. The head was sewn by hand. She is painted from head to toe by hand. Her face is hand drawn and painted. Her hair is two different types of yarn that give it a nice dark texture.

Headband African American Art Doll

There was a request that the doll have a removable headband. I wasn’t so sure about that. I didn’t think it would look right, but I put it together and I really like it on her.
The colors are bright and beautiful. Orange contrasts with cream, deep blue and black. Shimmery ornamental sun shapes line the bottom of her dress. Diamonds their shimmery threads with tribal shapes showcased.

Other than the butterfly in the lower right corner of the photo with texture, all jewelry shown was handmade.

I really needed this order. It  gave me a boost of confidence that there is still the ability to create a quality doll that will go to someone’s home to be enjoyed. I’m happy she remembered Sundrip after all these years.

Thank you,

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