How I Think. What I Want.

I understand Jackson Pollock more than any other artist.

I feel so deeply when reading van Gogh that I have to stop and catch my breath.


I want to be bold. I want to take creative risks. The colors of Klee and Gauguin are honest, and bold. Sometimes I don’t feel so bold as to put on canvas what I truly want to put there.

I wonder if all artists know they speak through art, that it’s their language. But do other artists feel as though they’re constantly searching for their voice? I know art is my language but I’m struggling right now to find the voice of today.


2 thoughts on “How I Think. What I Want.

  1. Although I’m not sure I’d call myself an artist, I do feel I am often searching for my voice. Or perhaps for me a better way to put it is searching for how to translate what is in my head into some form of art.

    I do know I speak through my art. It’s actually how I speak best. It strangely enough I have found more healing than most any other form of therapy. I have tons of artwork done over the years for hearings, drawings and collage mostly.

    When I can’t speak, can’t find the words, I always turn to art. Whether that be art journaling, collage, or cross stitch, or even simple coloring depends on the day and which of us is around.

  2. “and which of us is around.”
    Yes. Multiple Personality Disorder aka DID changes the voice strength and/or need to use our voice.

    There are three projects that were started by someone else, someone who integrated. I’m having a hard time finishing them though I said I would. All I want to do is throw paint on canvas. I want to do stuff like Landfall and Sunplay. I want to see paint drip down watercolor paper and I want to collage.

    I feel like a bouncing rubber ball, like I’m all over the place and can’t focus on one thing. Actually, what just came to mind is that character from X-Men who was a teleporter. Nightcrawler. He had to watch where he was going or he’d end up in a wall and couldn’t get out. I don’t teleport… lol…that’s not what I mean, I mean my focus seems so off that it’s as if I’m that green crawler guy bouncing so fast that the Professor had a hard time getting a lock on him.
    Okay, I just went all X-Men on this comment.
    Cause I’ve already gone off the ropes I might as well add that I totally hate Superman. Batman rocks and I still like the Hulk, so there. LOL

    5:36am I know better than to write comments when I’ve had no sleep. Now I’m going to wake to a comment filled with comic bias. Oh well…….

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