UPDATE: The knives have been secured along with a small water color pocket set on my wish list. Thank you for the response. Please remember that I often barter and don’t turn down reasonable offers for items on my wish list. The list is kept up to date. When items are received I remove them from the list.

Spatula barter requestWould anyone like to barter?

I’d like to have this new set of pallet knives found on Amazon.

Raih 9 Stainless Steel Special Effect Painting Knife Set Pallet Artist’s Spatula .

These would be so cool to work with abstract paintings. 

If you would like to barter art for these new (not used) knives please contact me. The art piece should be as close as possible to the total price of the knives.

Please see the sidebar for contact information so we can arrange a swap. My Amazon wish list is on the side bar as well and gives the direct link to the pallet knife set. 

Although I’m still creating items that are edge to edge with color and imagery, I still have a strong desire to explore abstract work. These knives will come in handy. There’s such freedom in abstract work but I want to have more control over the media and to create more distinct textures. I believe my primary interest in abstract work is to create abstract seascapes and oceanscapes. A blogger and I agreed that painting water is calming and it draws you in. I love that feeling. 

It’s interesting to see my art change over the years. Although I still paint and draw edge to edge type work and I still pump out paintings created with tea and berries, there’s a drive for more exploration in abstract art. 

Here are three of the edge to edge art pieces available in my Etsy shop. Please remember that the 35% off sale is good until December 9th, 2016.

.Three of Diamonds  Comic - available .  Pterosaurs - Dinosaur Opera. 

 Art Titles Three of Diamonds, Comic and the Dinosaur Opera.

Thank you for your consideration for the bartering arrangement as well as interest available paintings.


No need to feel nervous, comment if you'd like.