Kamila the African American Handmade Bag Holder Doll

Kamila is about 23 inches long with shoulder length brown hair made of thin and thick yarn. The type of yarn used adds wonderful texture and depth to Kamila. The mocha color accents her beautiful brown eyes and skin.

What I love about Kamila is her dress. The maroon / rich burgundy dress, which leads down into a holder for bags, is a handmade garment accented by gold paisley embroidery. She wears the dress well.

The body of the doll is hand crafted and hand painted cotton fabric with poly fill. Your doll is a one of a kind, signed and tagged as a Sundrip doll.

NOTE : This doll is not meant to be a toy and includes small beads.

You may see Kamila in my Etsy shop along with other original dolls and original art at www.Sundrip.etsy.com.

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