I sometimes get stuck on a painting and put it up for a bit, then I take it out and hang it on the wall. I sometimes even frame the piece and look at it for awhile. There have been times I’ve passed a painting and thought, oh, I need a line here or oh, I should add this or that color, change this line, add extra texture here and there.

Stuck pieces

Putting the work away and out of my mind gives me a break from ‘worrying’ over it. Bringing it back out and taping it to the wall helps me see it in a new light and bring it to completion. 

waiting for color

Two paintings have been brought back out to be seen with fresh eyes. I look forward to the artistic journey of finishing them.

paint war room

This is where I work. For me it’s comfortable. Everything is at my fingertips. I have room to move, great light and a good view of work waiting to be finished. The small square area works well for me.

That’s all I’ve got for today.

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