Jenny has dreams too

Jenny has golden bangs and pony tails that flame with orange. Her blue stone cheek rests in her hand as she looks off into deeper blue. She was created by dripping paint and allowing it to run into the next color. There are large white areas that bump into cool blue, stark black and tiny flecks of red. This painting is fluid and morphing. It pinches in areas, opens up to gold in others and sits still as it is surrounded by dark. It is an emotive art piece of a little child resting her head on her hand. This is a Macabre painting of a stone child.

Art Title: Jenny
Art by. F. Magdalene Austin
Size: 6×4 inches on heavyweight paper, sketchbook art
Medium: Acrylic, ink,

One of my favorite parts of this painting is her gold and flame orange pony tails. I also like the golden bangs.


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