Gentle Peace- SOLDI started this painting off with tea stains that I then painted in. I placed my reusable tea bag on the paper and left it there a few minutes. I moved it around here and there to leave spots and images. Once I was satisfied with the shapes I began to bring out the young girl who sits on top of the world.

Art title: Gentle Peace SOLD
Art by. F. Magdalene Austin
Size: 9×6 inches on heavyweight paper, art journal piece
Medium: Acrylic, ink, Indian tea, Caylon black

Painting details: Asian abstract figure in mandarin orange dress, turquoise waves flow into gold, green and navy blue. The sun is by her heart, the moon at her feet and the earth as her place of rest. White face, white hair, blue hair, soft and gentle, mild yet powerful, fine art, looks beautiful when framed.

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