EmersonArt Title: Emerson
Art by: Faith Magdalene Austin
Medium: Acrylic, ink, crackle medium, 24 x 17 inches on canvas sheet.

Painting details: Emerson is a maze of faces, lines, vortexes, wheels and color. It is a painting showing chaos with resolution.
The blue figure is shown with eyes closed but the figure is mindful. The face is like water, a bird sits to the side of the head with an eye like the sun and rays that flash under the bird down on the head of the figure.

This black figure to the far right of the painting attracts my attention when I look at the painting because she seems so powerful yet peaceful. She has life water flowing from her finger tips. That water flows down the side of the blue figure. In my opinion this figure is actually the main image in the painting. She’s where it all starts.

The name Emerson means work, ruler, brave and powerful.

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